Health & wellbeing benefits for your members

Health & wellbeing benefits for your members

We believe in providing the very best products to help deliver added benefit and experience to your members or employees. Through the power of partnerships, WellCovered can offer these enterprise benefits at a fraction of the cost for our clients.

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What we can provide for your members

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Direct access to private GP 24/7

24/7 GP appointment service, available worldwide, via phone or video with no time limit during appointments and no limit to the number of consultations. With this fantastic private GP service, all immediate family covered.

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Full health MOT

Preventative health is key. Our private health screens can detect any potential health risks very early on. Fully comprehensive, we can offer peace of mind to you and your family.

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Health & critical illness cover

The insurance offers wide-ranging cover against illness, cancer, accidents and curable diseases. It could help your members feel more in control of when, how and where their families are treated. It’s the quality care they need, without the wait, the worries and the wallet-emptying bills.

Family protected by life insurance cover

Life insurance cover

Having life insurance is probably the most important thing your members can do to help protect the ones they love. When a member dies, the policy can provide money for those people close to your members when they need it most.

Person confident their income is protected

Income protection insurance

This is a great insurance product that can help support your members with a monthly payment if they are ill or injured and can’t work. It pays a proportion of your lost earnings. This then allows your members to focus more on getting better and back to work.

Mental health worker listening to patient

Mental health support

With our partnerships with some of the leading support in this area. Our partners will set up workshops, additional support, materials and online private classes for your members. Mental health is a key part of your members being happy and enjoying the group that they are a part of.

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Focus on Wellbeing and Benefit of your members
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We are experts in facilitating new business relationships
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No upfront cost or fee for the Well Covered service
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What our customers say

“Well Covered have helped us give genuine value to our membership. The cover and benefits are loved by our members”

David Sinclair - Electrical Engineering Foundation

“There are lot of interesting projects that casting directors post on this platform. So many people and companies trust casting through Platform”

Emily York - Senior Frontend Developer